Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Reading Day Two

Because Day One was absolutely too nuts to have time to post anything.

We registered about 60 more kids, bringing our total so far to 880, and we gave out over 900 prizes. Each prize is equivalent to one day of reading for at least thirty minutes, so it looks like everyone is starting their summer off right! Almost 100 kids earned their shirt on the very first day.

Of course, the first day of prizes and programs was a perfect time for our entire system to go down. No checking in or out, no looking up or reserving books, no cataloging or changing item status, no computer reservations. So, everyone just stayed in the library and read their books there. All day. That's awesome, but it made for no down time for any of us!

Smallish groups (around 30) at the story times:

that number will probably go way up as the summer goes on, and word gets out. We have six story times each week, lunch (provided through the schools) five days a week, plus Tweens on Mondays and Teens on Thursdays. The Tweens had a special visitor last night:

One of these things is not like the other...

He brought free pizza!

After descending on it like locusts (I think I see six slices left back there), they made superhero capes.

Looks like fun! And there was food! There is always food.

How is your summer going? Are you participating in your local SRP? Reading anything good? Going anywhere cool? Relaxing with the family? Leave a comment!

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  1. Thank you Miss Ami for planning such fun activities this summer! My kids and I are having so much fun!