Monday, July 7, 2014

Tweens and Teens

As usual, the more we have going on, the less time I have to blog about it! With the re-carpeting project moving to the adult side, we were able to start our actual Summer Reading programs the week of June 23rd. From babies to teens, we have 10 programs a week to add to the usual giving-out-of-prizes, so it's safe to say things picked up a bit for us. Attendance has started out pretty low, which was to be expected with the changes in scheduling, but it's kind of nice to ease into things that way! A few pictures from our older groups, the tweens (run by Mr. Cliff with his lovely assistant Sherri), and teens (run by yours truly):

The tweens started off by killing a librarian, which I find only slightly disturbing.

Seventeen 4th-7th graders inspected clues,

discussed the evidence, 

and made their accusations.

 Turns out, it was me. Okay, not really, but like I'm going to tell you the answer!

The next week, they found out what it might be like to lose use of different parts of their bodies.

Now, there's a line-up for you!

I'm not entirely sure what they are doing here. But they are smiling.


Aha, this one I know! The 'cuff' making it impossible to bend one's arm, each person on a team had to eat a goldfish cracker. Not a single team figured out that the rules never said they couldn't feed each other, so much hilarity ensued with crackers being tossed every which way. (P.S. - the girls won).

The teens ( grades 8 and up) haven't had quite the turn-out - those darn jobs getting in the way of fun!
Our first week, they ate pizza and talked about books - no pictures there. Last week, we held a Minute to Win It tournament. Small tournament - just five girls - so it was fortunate that none of the games had to be done in teams!

For the first challenge, participants had to transfer pasta to a bowl using a pipe cleaner and no hands.

Not as easy as it looks at first!

Long hair is definitely not a plus, here.

Next up was blowing a plastic cup across the table with a straw. It had to start off touching one edge, and go off the other edge - off the side meant you had to start over. 

We did this two at a time, with the others counting how many times they got it back and forth in a minute.

Then, while we still had the straws handy, we tried sucking instead: there were bowls of chocolate candies, large and small, and they had to suck one up with a straw and deposit it into their own bowl. Bigger candies were worth more points. If I did this again, I would make them travel farther, but it was so much fun to watch I didn't get any pictures!

I also don't have pictures of the "In Your Face" game, which involves placing a cookie on your forehead and trying to get it into your mouth without using your hands. I do have several extremely hilarious videos, but I am not going to post them, I never said you couldn't use your cleavage. 'Nuff said?

I do, however, have video of the final game, where you transfer cotton balls from a plate to a bowl with your nose. You are supposed to put Vaseline n your nose to make the cotton balls stick, but I couldn't find my Vaseline. All I could find was a jar of very old, rather musty-smelling peanut butter. We decided it was safe to apply topically, but we won't be eating any of it.

A fairly quiet game, but still fun to watch!

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