Monday, July 21, 2014

Library Re-carpeting #I forget - On the Home Stretch!

 Just a few areas left! The staff break room and kitchen area are looking pretty bad:

High traffic, decades of spilled food and leaking who-knows-what.

The back reference area (also high traffic):

Oh, look, someone already tried to patch it once. I don't see a difference, do you?

The manager's office fared a little better, although you can definitely tell where decades of people have set and scuffed their feet!

And the circulation area:

pretty much worn everywhere. Originally it was going to be moved out, but I heard they may just be cutting around it - don't quote me on that - at any rate, I'm sure they'll do a better job than the last guys:

Last but not least, the Southwest Room, also known as the Eugene Manlove Rhodes Room, after an author who passed through here 8,462 years ago. (Librarian's note: Should you end up with leftover napkins embossed with the name "Manlove", do not, repeat, do NOT use them for a program involving adolescent boys. #lessonslearned)

The new ceiling (to improve lighting and heating/cooling) is almost done, and does not obscure the special areas of the room - 

The old teller wall,

the stained glass,

or the fireplace.

My favorite item in the room, a book donated to us and personally autographed by Teddy Roosevelt before he was President Roosevelt, is safely tucked away somewhere. And, no, I don't mean somewhere like, my house. Darnit. 

Your cool perspective shot of the day.
The old carpet should be coming up today, with the new in shortly after! What on earth will we do with all our time, then?

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  1. Inventory! Whenever I start feeling bored (i.e. if I have less than 5 major projects, drop to below 25 hours on the desk per week, or the police haven't dropped by in a few days) I get the urge to do major collection development projects.