Saturday, July 19, 2014

Teens and Tweens - French Food and Demolition

Tween Cafe happened to fall on Bastille Day last week, so Mr. Cliff decided to go with a French theme: a viewing of the movie "Ratatouille", and some French-type snacks. After much debating of possibilities and the associated costs and/or palatability, he decided to offer fresh fruit, drizzled in chocolate:

Reportedly there was not a speck left! Never underestimate the power of chocolate (or the capacity of a 12-year-old boy's stomach.)

Our projector system is so much more versatile than the old console TV. Worthy investment!

The teens had a crafty night, loosely titled "Take it Apart and Put it Together". We had old t-shirts, old books, and old appliances, with tons of crafting materials and a few ideas printed off Pinterest to inspire.

I was too lazy to drag everything out of the store room!

The most popular item was easily the old computer, donated by a local repair shop. They couldn't wait to start taking it apart...

...and in approximately 2.4 seconds... looked... this:

Ooh, the possibilities!


or a...

picture frame?

Shield, that's it!

With a handle contributed by the computer. And a photobomb contributed by a friend.

The other items weren't completely neglected. 

We had a wizard's pouch,

a book bag (get it? book...bag)

and a much-improved tee.

The computer was definitely the biggest hit, and there were too many ideas to fit into one hour. We are already making plans to repeat this in the fall, with more computer parts and hopefully a longer time slot. So, if you're trying to unload that old bulky monitor or your broken keyboard, we just might be able to take it off your hands!

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