Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Pizza Guy Returneth!

I was actually off Friday when Andy Mason, our favorite summer performer, came, but I had to bring the kids down. Smallish attendance because there were so many other things going on the same day, but we all had fun! Cliff snapped a few pictures for us:

My kids started off shy, but were dancing by the end - including the zombie dance, which had to look a little bizarre to anyone who doesn't know them!

It didn't take him long to get his shoes off, and the kids were happy to follow suit!

...aaaaand, freeze!

Sticky Bubblegum!

Shane was excited when everyone suddenly started to pretend they were chewing gum...food? There's food here?!

I think my favorite was the Mad Lib song, but of course we also had all the old favorites - Everybody Likes Pizza, How to Make a Burrito, My Hair had a Party Last Night. He had a couple new songs, and I am hoping for a new children's CD in the coming years, with a fresh inspiration due in October. Yes, for a change this summer, I am not the one expecting! Congratulations to Andy and Ann, and thanks for another fun summer morning!

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