Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yard Sale Scores!

Rain meant cooler weather this weekend, which meant we could finally hit some yard sales without frying by 9AM. Sometimes you go out and find piles of junk that people price so high, you wonder how people can stand to get rid of things they prize so highly. Other days, you not only find things on your list, but things you didn't realize you needed:) This was one of the latter!

I limit myself to $50, and I still had $7 in my pocket, after buying:

- a half gallon of the exact shade of paint we are using in M's room
- 7 crib sheets
- a microwave to replace the one at work that takes 3 minutes to boil water, andthat I have to use a spoon to open
- 3 pairs of brand-new-looking shoes (except for the laces) that are one size up from what S is wearing:

- 8 new jars of baby food
- 13 articles of clothing (there would have been much more if we had a smaller baby girl. We'll have to work on that.)
- a glass hummingbird to hang outside
- new throw pillows:

- a kid-sized hard hat (I'm thinking for L., to protect himself from S.)
- an air pump
- a decorative pot in the colors I collect
- three ceramic eggs
- two cups of lemonade from some really cute kids
- and a bookshelf:

They don't look like much now, but stay tuned. M. and I have some...ideas.

I even gave out my e-mail address to someone who might be interested in a kitten. Anyone else???

Not bad for $43.

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