Saturday, July 21, 2012

...And a Little of the Party

(L.'s first guest post)

Huh...this is interesting. What is it?

Woah, it's sticky.

What is this gunk? Shouldn't you be washing it off, Mom?



Oh, yeah!

A nibble here...

...and some from this side...

Forget what I said about washing, Mom.

Cool, now I have two pieces!

That's some good stuff! Can I have more, Mom?

Mom??? Where are you taking me, Mom???

(Ten minutes and a lot of scrubbing later)

Presents! I got paper to tear,

Paper to shake,

Paper to let my brother and sister tear,

Oh, and a ball!

And a truck.

Did I mention the ball?

I could play with this thing for hours. Hours and hours and hours. Hours and hours and hours and...

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