Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yard Sale Scores - With Alterations

Sometimes yard saling means looking at things with an open mind. I was happy to find so many crib sheets last week, something I deseperately needed, but three of them were white. I ask you, why do they make white ANYTHING for small children? Ah well, that's why God invented tie-dying.

I picked this treasure chest up at Walmart a few days ago, for a whopping $6. It now holds all our rainy day activities, including two bottles of dye mix.

Mommy did the rubber-banding, and the kids did the squirting. They managed not to get any on themselves.

I, on the other hand...

The purple hand, that is. You know those plastic gloves they give you with the kit? Yeah. Use them.

The finished products were worth it, though:
This is actually more purple than blue...

...and this is a deeper pink than it looks. It was dusk by the time I got around to taking pictures!

Those two were for S.'s bed, which left us with one for L. We used fabric paints for that one, and everyone pitched in.

Such concentration!

We included some of his nicknames:

The Ghostbusters...getting Slimer...of course.

Logan approved!

Then there was the bookshelf we found:

It didn't look like much to start with.
Neither did this library book, once S. mixed it with some coffee:

But, put them together, and:

This black squiggles are a poetry idea I got from Pinterest, and plan to use with the teens this April. Some are thoughtful,

"She understood the need to grow a litter of children to dream, hope, and to be light."
others not so much.

We'll add a few more squiggles and possibly go up the sides, then cover with either varnish or some watered down glue before putting the shelves back in. I already love the way it looks, and I have this sudden urge to cover everything in book pages. You can pick up discarded books at the library for ten cents each (although this one cost me $ a $5 processing fee. Sigh.)

So, who can name the book S. destroyed?

And yes, my hands are still purple.

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