Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kids and Chores

Interesting thread on The Pioneer Woman about kids who do housework. I am among the 'mean Mommies' who expect kids to help out as soon as they are walking (hear that, Logan?) S., at 2, clears her own place at the table, helps put laundry away (she will fight to put C.'s underwear in the drawer, which I plan to tease her about when she is 13), thinks she helps with the dishes, and not only can put the wash in the dryer, but knows which buttons to push, and in what order, on both. When she wants juice, she will get the cup out and fetch the juice bottle from the "refrigelator", and Heaven help you if you try to do it for her.

C. and M. have more chores and do more things for themselves, although I know it is not anywhere near what many other kids, particularly farm kids, do on a daily basis. At the Library, I see a variety of parental expectations at work. While I would never say one way is the best for every family, I can't help shaking my head at some of the helicopter parenting - or making predictions involving Junior living in Mommy's basement 20 years from now.

What's the deal with your family? When do kids start doing chores, and why? Do they get paid in any way, and how do you set that up? Any cool chore chart ideas you would like to share? (The Duggars' chore cards worked well with C.) And, has anyone else's child ever tried to clear the table in a restaurant?!

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