Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bad Words

Last night, S. told Daddy that she had wet her pants at Grandma's house, and Grandma said bad words at her.

Grandma has taken to cussing out 2-year-olds? That doesn't sound right. Daddy asked her what bad words Grandma said.

"She said I'm a big girl and I should go in the potty."

Oooh - them's fightin' words for sure!

This morning I had told her "No" about something - can't remember what - while Daddy was outside. As soon as he stepped back in the door, she was tattling, "Mommy said bad words at me!!!"

I'm torn - do I celebrate the fact that she doesn't know any real bad words, or should I be concerned that she is going to be convincing complete strangers that we swear at her on a regular basis?

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