Friday, April 20, 2012

A Relaxing Day

On Thursdays, I don't start work until 11AM, so that gives me a nice, relaxing morning. For kicks (and because when I try to remember what I did an hour ago, my mind draws a complete blank), i decided to write down what I was doing as the morning progressed.

Once M. and C. were off to school, and Daddy was off to work, I:

Changed the sheets on our bed.
Started a load of laundry.
Dressed S. and L.
Cleaned the puppy pen.
Put dishes away.
Ate a slice of processed cheese for breakfast.
Sliced the marinated chicken breasts and put them in the broiler.
Filled baby bottles.
Restocked the diaper bag for the van.
Unloaded groceries from the day before.
Cleaned out the litterbox.
Emptied the trash cans/diaper pail.
Watered the garden.
Washed dishes (with 'help' from S.)
Read a story with the kids (Note to self: Gus Goes to School needs to disappear for a bit.)
Packed up the Easter eggs for storage.
Planted two potatoes that were growing on the counter.
Started another load of laundry.
Prepared puppy food for afternoon feeding.
Fed chickens and gathered eggs.
Posted remaining puppies to Holloman Yard Sales.
Seasoned cast iron skillets.
Cleaned off kitchen counters.
Packed up cooled chicken and put with peeled hard boiled eggs for tonight's supper.
Changed C's sheets.
Put laundry away.
Scrubbed bathroom floor.
Picked up living room.
Started another load of laundry.
Fed cats.
Left the house at 9:30 - dropped kids off at Grandma's.
Picked up mail and package.
Stopped at propane company.
Stopped at phone company.

Got to work just before 11...where I can rest:)

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