Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend in Review

Three day weekends always seem to start off with such great plans, don't they? We did accomplish a few things. I got to cook a few meals and eat them that same day (as opposed to spending one day cooking and freezing and then heating things up for the rest of the month. Or, as happens more often, forgetting to get the meals I made out of the freezer in time to heat them up, and having sandwiches or picking up a pizza instead.)

We even had one meal harvested from the garden. That pretty much took all day. First I dumped the big tubs I have been growing potatoes in, and S. and C. helped me sift through the dirt. In retrospect, I probably should have done that BEFORE I gave C. a bath. Oh, well.

While we had fun, the results were a little disappointing:

This is all we got from two big plastic tubs. I planted them months ago, faithfully added dirt as they grew, and watered them regularly. I waited patiently as the greens bushed out and then died off, and I got...enough for a couple french fries. Next year I'll try the straw method, so I can at least SEE if I am wasting my time.

On to the garden, to sift through the dirt where I had planted onions - and got, if you will recall, a potato plant and some sort of squash. This is what I got from the potato plant that I did not actually plant, and gave absolutley no attention or care to all summer:

Is anyone surprised?

We did find lots of onions - small, but potent. I rinsed and chopped them under running water, but my eyes still stung so badly I ended up with a piercing headache by the time I was done! I sliced up the potatoes and fried them in butter with some of the onions and some lemon pepper sauce. Yum! Paired with sauteed strips of leftover round steak. S. ate all of hers, as well as part of mine, Daddy's, and M.'s. That's my little carnivore! I go through spurts of wanting to stock up the pantry and freezer, and wanting to use only what we already have so nothing gets old. Last month I stocked up, this month I'm being miserly. That can make for some interesting meals towards the end of the month, so stay tuned.

M. made fudge, so...we've also been eating a lot of fudge.

It's really good fudge. You can never have too much of a really good fudge.

Okay, maybe it is possible to have too much.

I didn't want to spend the whole weekend doing chores, so I tried to alternate a house thing (sorting out the closet) with  a kid thing - going for a walk, or just hanging out and playing.

Way better than laundry.

We are continuing C.'s letter books, although we got a little behind due to illness. This afternoon we looked for "F" words while S. took a nap.

Big thanks to the neighbors for decorating their yards accordingly! Actually, these neighbors just sold their house...I wonder if this is mentioned in the sales contract, or if we could talk it into our yard...

It was M's turn to pick a movie this weekend, and she chose "Stick It".

Stick It

Cute movie, PG-13 - not sure why, there isn't anything sexual, and I can't recall any swearing*. That's not to say there wasn't any, but if there was it didn't stand out or make me cringe. Believable? No, but who cares - it was funny, the good guys won (sort of), and we all enjoyed it. Lots of good one-liners. If you are expecting 90 minutes of great gymnastics feats, you will be disappointed, although there were enough that we kept trying to cover S.'s eyes. She is now eyeing L.'s bouncy seat like it would make an excellent springboard. For dinner we had spaghetti  because...gymnasts are spaghetti...and because that's all I could think of. (Next week I'm picking "Parenthood" - what do we eat for that???)

*Okay, M. googled and found it was PG-13 because of "crude remarks". Hmmm-kay. Oh, and this isn't that old, but I had to get a copy off Ebay, because Hastings couldn't even order it.

So, back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, the raw sewage smell has dissipated by now. But, that's another story.

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