Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who You Gonna Call?

Saturday was family night, and we were lucky to start it off with some extended family - the couple from last week's wedding. They will be leaving for Germany soon, and stopped by with some (very sweet and unexpected) gifts for the kids. The big hit of the evening was definitely the bubble gun: 

A bubble machine that actually works! This was perfect, because the kids absolutely love bubbles (as you can see), but S. doesn't quite have the hang of blowing them. This lets the rest of us off the hook - we can just sit back and watch now:)

S. was a bit shy at first (not feeling well), but the bubbles warmed her up enough to give them each a hug and a kiss. As for what L. gave them...well, let's just say that's not the shirt Cousin S. was wearing when he arrived.

Kisses apparently make Cousin B. blurry. Stupid camera.

We really enjoyed the visit, and wish they could have stayed for dinner. They may have been scared off by the menu, though. It was C.'s turn to pick a movie, and he chose Ghostbusters - which will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows him, and I only asked him as a formality. The food was planned accordingly:

 Chicken, because people are chicken around ghosts
marinated in blood (or a raspberry walnut vinaigrette, whichever is handiest)

Marshmallow Man fruit salad, and for dessert,


The Marshmallow Man salad was well-received.

even by M., who hates two of the five ingredients!

We followed, of course, with the movie, which some of us know by heart - good thing, because I fell asleep towards the end. I can't even tell you which part I missed, because I have seen it so many times, nothing seemed to be missing.

Another option I considered for dinner was spider dogs, which we had for lunch the next day instead:

Totally stolen off the internet. Just poke dry spaghetti noodles through chunks of hot dog, and boil.

 Despite her expression here, S. really liked them. In fact, she said exactly that: "Mommy, I like these!" (According to my weekly newsletter, she should be putting two-word sentences together any day now.)

So, back to the movie. Ghostbusters has a million one-liners that are instantly recognizeable, such as:

"Listen - do you smell something?" or

"Back off, man - I'm a scientist!"

How many lines can you remember, without cheating and Googling? And is the song stuck in your head yet? (It is now, isn't it?)


  1. Embarrassing admission: I've never seen Ghostbusters! Clearly, I need to get with the program. :-) Love the creative menu to go along with the movie!

  2. Gasp! Get thee to a video store! Or Netflix, if your video store is anything like ours, which couldn't even order the two I sent my husband in for last night. There is some minor swearing, some sexual allusions (which go right over my 5yo's head, but yours are older), and a couple scary ghosts (most are just funny). Ironically, it's the librarian ghost who is the scariest-looking (or is that just accuracy?)