Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Job I'm Glad I Don't Have

My job may not be the perfect job (the perfect job being getting paid lots of money to stay home with the kids), but for the most part I really like it. I like it even more when I consider jobs I could have: It is 900 degrees outside, and I whine about walking to my van at lunchtime. These guys were up there when I left for lunch in my nice, air-conditioned van, and are still there now, hours later. You could not pay me enough. I suppose, if I had no other options, and my children were starving, I might...encourage them to take this job. But, here these guys are, actually cheerful when you walk by and ask them questions (I would have slapped the third person who asked if I was working on the roof. Kind of like the people I ran into at the fair who saw me holding L. and asked, "Oh, did you have your baby?" Just sayin'.)

And thank goodness for them, because this roof has been leaking in various spots since I started working here, and a leaky roof on a library is what as known in professional circles as A Bad Thing. The library is still open, you just may have to take a roundabout route to the entrance, so come on by and smile at the nice cheerful roofers. Just don't ask them dumb questions, because I am still cranky from having to walk back across the parking lot from my van, and I'll slap you for them.

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