Thursday, August 18, 2011

C.'s B Book

C. started Kindergarten at the local two-room schoolhouse this week. Eleven kids in his class - which covers kinder, first and second grade! Next best thing to home schooling. We spent a month hyping up the first day of school, and he had a great time. He even asked Grandma if he could go back again the next day. I may not have explained things thoroughly...

In the meantime, at work, online and among friends I am constantly hearing about people planning their homeschool programs for the year, and I am more than a little jealous. When C. brought home a giant tactile letter "B" and S. correctly identified it, I decided there was my outlet - we will do some projects to reinforce what C. is learning, and give S. a chance to join in.

Tonight, then, we started a "B" book. For now, I picked out most of the things to take pictures of, while C. circled the letter "b" wherever it appeared. S. is starting to pick up color words, so I grabbed these books from the library:

Brown: Seeing Brown All Around Us                       Black: Seeing Black All Around Us                    
(and a blue one I can't find a photo of)

Here is some of C.'s book:

blonde-haired, blue-eyed beast with bruises, bumps and blood*

brains and beauty

big boy reading a book

baby brother

BBQ beef on burger buns with baked beans**


* he may have had help with some of these captions. Nice of her to help him this way, though, wasn't it?
** tonight's meal - already on the menu, believe it or not. This could get interesting as we progress through the alphabet, though!

Tomorrow at the fair, then, we will look for things that start with the letter "B" (like our friend's black bull), have the letter "B" on them, or are brown, black, or blue. These are fun and easy ways to reinforce simple concepts, but I'll warn you, it gets stuck in your head. Daddy and I are already stopping suddenly to point and exclaim to each other, "Backpack! Big ball!", or to tell M., "Bad boys are banned!"

So, if you see us at the fair tomorrow night and we are babbling like brainless baboons, just bob your head and bumble on.


  1. My friend, I was just considering doing something like this for X-man. Would you consider re-posting this as a guest post on my hs blog??? Pretty please???

  2. Sure...let me redo it a bit and send you something. We started on "C" tonight, glad I still have corn on the cob from the fair:)