Thursday, November 5, 2015

Some Overdue Reviews

A total mish-mash, today, of books that got buried on my TBR pile through absolutely no fault of their own. They are new to me, anyway, and hopefully still new to you!

Little Miss, Big Sis

Rosenthal and Reynolds make a great team, once again. Spare text and simple illustrations combine perfectly to speak volumes, as Little Miss becomes a big sister... 

What now?

...and then discovers all the joys (and the minor tribulations) that come with that new title. A possibility for children about to welcome a new sibling, but also an endearing reminder later on of how nice it is to be - or have - a big brother or sister. I can see this one going under more than a few Christmas trees!

Bathtime for Chickies

Love the Chickies! Their earlier titles are very popular with our youngest set, and the squishy but sturdy board book covers have held up very well. As with the others, little ones (and their grown-ups) will relate easily to the silly Chickies' pattern off getting dirty, resisting a bath, resisting getting out of the bath, and then getting dirty all over again.

fpo   fpo

Switching gears JUST a tad, this is my new favorite YA series. Yes, there is a love triangle, yes, it's a story of a girl discovering she has a hidden power, but no, you haven't read this one before. I wouldn't have picked the first one up myself if someone hadn't said the same to me and they were so right! Give yourself time to read it in a few long sittings, because the world building is strong, and it can be hard to pull yourself back to 'reality'. I just finished the second in the series (because those darn patrons kept putting in requests before I could get to it), and it was even better than the first - not always the case in series! That one came out in July, and we reportedly have to wait until August of 2016 for the third. Get on it, Pearson! 

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