Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review: The Naughty List, by Michael Fry and Bradley Jackson

I have read more than a couple kid-doesn't-believe-in-Santa-ends-up-in-North-Pole stories, but this...this is...ah...well...

The Naughty List

When Bobbie's hilariously bumbling efforts to save her brother's Christmas actually land him on Santa's Naughty List, she must travel to the North Pole to make things right again and save Christmas. Bobbie suddenly finds herself on an epic holiday adventure complete with rogue elves, dysfunctional reindeer, a lazy Santa, and more.

To quote the main character, "There's a point where so many things get so weird that they're no longer weird, they're normal."

Some other great lines: 

"Barfed up by a whale. I can check that off my bucket list." (Bobbie is snarky. I like snarky.)

" we-don't-say-'crazy'-we-say-'different' uncle"

"We? I've always had a problem with we. Me, I can rely on. We? Not so much."

Oh, and your Christmas spoiler for the year? There is no Rudolph. He was a PR stunt. There is, however, a reindeer named Larry with red antlers and a small incontinence issue.

There is also a LOT more humor, very fast-paced action, and a few gently-delivered lessons along the way:

"Deciding to do something isn't the same as actually doing it. It's just a start."

Put this at the top of your recommendation list for upper elementary/middle schoolers this season - and watch for the movie that is just screaming to be made!

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