Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fire Prevention Week 2015

Usually I start off the Fire Prevention Week assembly at the school outside, taking pictures. This year I decided to wait inside, and take video. 

I really know how to mix things up, huh?

Ignore the child at :06 racing back from the bathroom.

Alarm goes off, and at :12, the kids discover the primary exit is blocked. They weren't expecting that, but they immediately knew to turn around and head the other way! Awesome job, guys!

:28 remembering to wave to Mommy on the way out (Christopher ignored me).

:56 everyone out - and the fire department is already here! Amazing response time!

Ignore the pink ribbon of death.

1:53 head count complete, we are missing one! Aaliyah must still be inside! Oh, no!!

2:17 Emmett vows, "We'll find her! We will!!"

Meanwhile, the flames rage on...

EMS and Fire personnel do their thing:

Tommy suits up with absolutely no one helping him, because we are busy video taping.

:30 Cody asks, "Does he realize he has that on upside down?"
:36 Yes, he does.
1:17 Alex has located the victim, and gives the others directions.
1:25 The exceptionally brave Cody announces, "If it's on fire, I'm not going in."

They found her!

:26 Aaliyah looks like she isn't entirely sure what "intubating" is, but she doesn't think she wants me doing it.
:48 Her classmates are literally jumping for joy.

She was whisked off to the ambulance, given oxygen, and pronounced fit to join the rest of the school in the auditorium.

Alex makes sure everyone knows what we look like when we come into a fire.

Tommy explains what each part of our gear does.

The intrepid EMS crew

Our safety officer, who always seems to be on the verge of shaking his head at us.

Showing off the latest in Wildland Fire fashion.

The students were all very attentive.

Shane...not so much.

And then we got to train some future firefighters!

P.S. She DOES have jackets that fit, but Daddy gave her this one. Three years ago.

Alex always gets the fun jobs.

I didn't get a shot of Christopher with the hose, because he knocked the whole house down!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped, and to HRMP Elementary for letting us come and play with you!

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