Monday, August 19, 2019

Review: B is for Baby by Atinuke and Angela Brooksbank


B is for Baby. is for Brother. is for going to see Baba! 

One morning after breakfast, Baby’s big brother is getting ready to take the basket of bananas all the way to Baba’s bungalow in the next village. He’ll have to go along the bumpy road, past the baobab trees, birds, and butterflies, and all the way over the bridge. But what he doesn’t realize is that his very cute, very curious baby sibling has stowed away on his bicycle.

Fellow mischief-makers are always a good draw for young readers. Each page has the simple formula of "B is for ____". Some words, such as "bananas", will be easy for new readers to fill in using picture clues or phonetic skills. Others, such as "bougainvillea", might be a little more difficult! We also get some British English with "biscuit" for cookie, which is appropriate given the African setting, and offers a chance to talk about the different words people can use for things.

Brooksbank's illustrations give us plenty of side stories to look at, from sneaky baboons to ladies with baskets of colorful fruit on their heads stopping to chat. A fun flirt with alliteration.

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