Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Toddler STEAM: Rainbows (again)

Rainbows are one theme we seem to keep repeating - because there are so many fun things to do with color!

They are also easy to make messes with.

This smelled SO GOOD, both while i was making it and while we were playing with it. One little one just couldn't stop scooping the red into her mouth - can't say I blame her! That's one reason I usually toss food items and get new ones out for the next day, even if they aren't MEANT to be eaten. 

I realized I had a ton of Ivory soap in the cabinet, and once it gets old it doesn't puff up any more (at which point it becomes a carving medium for the tweens and teens).

Add some liquid watercolors and tweezers, and our fine motor skills get a workout, too!

This was our first time using these, and they were SO MUCH FUN! Kind of went everywhere, and they are really hard to pick up in our grown-up fat fingers!

I quickly dumped them out of the tub and into the pool, because they were getting stepped on otherwise.

Fun to feel for any age!

An old classic:

This is the least-blurry picture I could get of this little cutie:

He wanted to make sure Mom and Dad had plenty!

Lots of pre-writing skills here.

Don't let the pictures fool you, the adults liked this one too. I may put a bowl on my desk to play with when I am feeling stressed.

Shane started sorting these, then got to a two-colored pom-pom, squawked indignantly, and just dumped them, I didn't get a picture.

Forgot pictures here too, but I just had a basic rainbow outline to glue them to. Again, we put out different cereal each day, because of course it was going to go in our mouths!

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