Monday, December 18, 2017

Review: Great Big Things by Kate Hoefler and Noah Koocek


This book is filled with great big things: billions of stars, looming mountains, a vast sea...a mouse. Yes, a mouse - one so small compared to the great big things it travels through, you might think it's a mistake to call it such.
Only it's not.

I think I was expecting a book of opposites of some sort.

So. much. more.

Perspective, yes. But oh my goodness, the imagery! Between the spare text and sweeping illustrations, I felt with each page that I was a tiny mouse making myself even smaller against a raft of driftwood as gigantic whales surrounded me on an endless ocean, or staring wide-eyed at a vast storm-cloud filled evening sky. It was exhausting! And then when he reached his destination...well. You have to get to that part yourself, but I will say that it instantly went on every reading list I could fit it onto. I am just sad that the publication date of October 10 meant it was too late to get attention for this year's Cybils, but will miss the cut-off for next year's!

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