Tuesday, February 26, 2013

C is for Cloud

"Cloud dough" is all the rage among Mommy bloggers at the moment, so I knew we had to try it. Since we are in the middle of the letter "C", this seemed as good a time as any.
Foregt the commercial stuff, this is possibly the easiest homemade craft supply ever. Are you ready?
1. Mix one part baby oil to 8 parts flour.
2. That's it, you're done.
What you get (in about thirty seconds of mixing) is something between Play-do and sand. Very soft and fine, holds shapes when you, for example, press something into it, but crumbles apart again when you pick it up. I made a big bowl using 8 cups flour/1 cup baby oil, tossed in the pastry cutter I had used to mix it, some matchbox cars, and a few smll containers, and let the kids go to town.
Boy, did they! All three were instantly hooked:

Next time: ditch the navy sweatshirt first.
Yes, it was a tiny bit messy...

But, it swept up pretty easily with a plain old broom. This held their attention longer than Play-do usually does. I'm not sure how long they would have played, but wen I finally announced we needed to clean up for lunch, S. had a full-blown temper tantrum. Then, in the middle of stomping her feet, she discovered how cool it felt, and shuffled around the dining room, tantrum forgotten.
Of course, that meant a few white footprints made it onto the brown carpet:
But they vacuumed up easily, as well.
I stored this batch in a container, and plan to make some more with cocoa powder added. If that works just as well, I will make a giant batch at the library for our summer mud party - a not-so-messy alternative for parents who don't want the real stuff in their cars. The toys rinsed clean, 
as did we. Bonus: we all smell great, and have super-soft hands. 

And feet!

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