Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chinese, Anyone?

Part of the family went to a nearby town yesterday for a doctor's appointment, and to help stimulate the economy. Lots of great restaurants in the area, but in the interest of time, we found ourselves at the food court. We were looking over the food on display at the Chinese place, and one of the employees offered us a sample.

"What am I eating?" I asked as I took a bite.

"Well, it's supposed to be chicken," he shrugged, "but it's a Chinese restaurant, so, you never know."

I looked at my half-eaten blob of orange chicken, horrified, and shrieked, "Fluffy???"

And yes, of COURSE we got Chinese. Forget what I'm hungry for, a warped sense of humor will sell me every time.

L. eating with chopsticks for the first time.

L. eating chopsticks for the first time. Let GO, kid!

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