Sunday, October 23, 2011


How did we let this happen??? Count the candles with me, people...

Seventeen! Seventeen!!! How did she get to be seventeen already? I think I prefer S's method of counting: "One, two, free, nine!" Yes, she's nine. I can deal with her being nine.

Not seventeen.

Seventeen is not a little girl. Seventeen is a young lady. A beautiful young lady. Again, how did we let this happen?

And the boys have noticed. Boy, have they noticed. Little brother here needs to practice his karate moves. Not that she really needs someone defending her. I have been very proud of her for a) not getting into/continuing a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship, and b) not putting up with a guy who doesn't treat her with respect.

But I'd still be more at ease with no boys at all.

Four beautiful girls. The boys don't stand a chance. The parents don't either.

Love you, M! Happy birthday!

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